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The Premium Product Engineering making which pursues feeling good quality

Our base is, in accordance with the precision plastics molding technology which is developed until now, we found the business applying injection molding technology of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber).

Making good use of our resources by all Kyowa Group,
we would like to offer the solution which is not only
metal design and molds or plastics molding, but also which
combines Liquid Silicone Rubber and plastics molding
processing or metal cutting processing.

We produce manufactured goods of LSR which have special
properties, "heat resistance", "cold hardiness", "water repellency",
"chemical resistance", and "electric insulation".
And then, we offer not only processing parts of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
but also adhesion that is between LSR and plastics molding or metal processing parts.
Then, following above, we correspond to various needs with composite processing.
Utilizing these properties, we keep offering the products which can be applied in
various fields like "Medical equipment parts", "Medical miscellaneous goods",
"Waterproof functional parts", and "some kinds of container like food storage container" "Baby supplies".

Utilize know-how with technology, and the human network in which is developed until now sufficiently, what we can be realization to make good use of all.

Age of product engineering in former times, we have established the higher value-added technologies designated as know-how and knowledge with experiences of professional engineers'.
But, due to Mechanization has been advancing, cost decrease competition has just taken place, so we think there is no advantage in comparison with the foreign countries as for Japan.
So, aiming "the Premium Product Engineering", we establish the advantage of "Made in Japan"
The Premium Product Engineering means that we can get more than higher quality of Product Engineering as "Technology", "Service", and "Mind" can be trinity.

Owing to greatly show "Made in JAPAN", we always search the high level of technology with entrepreneurship.
We would like to try to our improvement of technical skill.

We just catch needs of market, and offer Product Engineering taking first priority for customer satisfaction.
We realize the cost cut of investment control in plant and equipment and shortening of development man-hour for customers. To do that, we correspond to high-mix low-volume production covering metal mold products and mass production start-up.

It is important for us that the attitude of "It is natural that you accomplish your own work".
Concretely, we have responsibility for the attitude of your own work, the establishment of confidential relationship with our customers, and commitment to work to goals.
Moreover keeping the pride as the Japanese manufacturer, we would like to continue
to be a good company which has activities of high moral.
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