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Business of Molding with Liquid Silicone Rubber
Liquid Injection Molding System(LIMS)
Liquid Injection Molding System is, have the good feature of Liquid Silicone Rubber and we use precision and stability with the machine of molding, and it is combination about the metallic mold which has high precision.
And then material set is use 2 of Liquid A/B to mixture.
After that, we use molding system which can automate the process to subsequent cast completion.
Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR)
Liquid Silicone Rubber is the silicone rubber hardened by room temperature or heating.
Good for Electrical characteristics, Heat resistance, Weather resistance, Resistance to ozone and Chemical resistance.
It can be thin-wall molding more than thermoplastic elastomer, and good for safety.
Home appliance products industry is begun and it is also can use with the automobile field, food use, an object for medical treatments, etc.
2 liquid of mixture type, hardness selection (eraser40~tire60), and various coloring are possible.
Price of material… general grade < Selection grade adhesive

Feature by Liquid Silicone Rubber of Injection Molding
・Improved productivity
In order to stiffen liquid silicone rubber by an addition reaction, speed to harden is faster than millable silicone rubber. And also can faster to molding time.
・Automated to molding
We can correspondence to no burr and runner-less molding.
Furthermore, from excelling also in the mold-release characteristic after hardening, and also can automated to molding.
・Molding adhesive
After inserting dissimilar materials (plastic and metal) in a metallic mold, filling up a metallic mold with Liquid Silicone Rubber, heat hardening to adhesion.
Liquid Silicone Rubber is thermosetting resin, so the temperature of mold will be 120℃~150℃.
・For the environment
There are no hardening reaction by-products. Then no need to process of waste, so it can make it nice to environment because no burr and runner-less molding.
・Mold of Liquid Silicone Rubber
Standard type
Single mold of Liquid Silicone Rubber
Type of molding adhesive
Have a limited effective area of due to shape a mold.
If molding adhesive, it will be decrease compared to single of Silicone.
Can making runner-less molding.
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