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Softness and sensitive just like plastics and liquid silicone

Our aim is "The premium Product Engineering making which pursues feeling good quality" that can correspond to the timely needs quickly with the type of new age.
The details are as follows;
1.We can utilize 3D CAD/CAM producing metal molds.
2. From metal molds design & produce to precision injection molding about Plastics and Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), we engaged to tag hands to hands with responsibilities with our slogan "Our consciousness focus to production of QCDMS ".
3. Adding to that, we would like to propose the solution which combines Liquid Silicone Rubber and also got metal cutting processing.

Feature of Technology and Services
Our Kyowa Group have surely responsibility in the product which the self produces.
And, we have an occupation moral as Kyowa Group by making a proper assessment.
Then, we always keep expressing in a way which calls our hearty welcome for customers the products.
1. We supply shortly with the appointed date of delivery for wide-ranging production items from super thin precision parts to exterior parts.
2. We can embody customers' images by exactly step that integrated processes of metal molds design and product, injection molding, and second processing such as printing matters.
3. We make efforts to the daily quality improvement in process in order to keep the quality level which the customers require.
4. We just catch needs of market, and offer Product Engineering taking first priority for customer satisfaction.
5. We realize the cost cut of investment control in plant and equipment and shortening of development man-hour for customers. To do that, we correspond to high-mix low-volume production covering metal mold products and mass production start-up.
6. Our Kyowa Group hold the original QCDMSQuality/Cost/Delivery/Morals/Safety)by appropriate evaluation mechanisms and practices.
7. Our Engineers who are certified molding technicians (skill level: more than grade 2) Engage to the operation of molding machines.
8. Depending on the status of order, we can correspond to shifting converting production system and developing at the contract manufacturers softly and quickly.
9. While corresponding to the trend of the market, we have renewed production facilities periodically.
10. We are corresponding to all inquiries about molding products and metal molds design and product.
11. Please contact us without reserve, in the case of other manufacturers also can.
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