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We mainly of manufacture plastics molding parts as follows;
- The parts of plastics molding which are used by sensing equipments of controlled equipment with factory automation in all sorts of the industries.
- Frame parts of pachinko (Japanese pinball) and slot machine.
- Plastics molding parts that are mainly used by commodity related to amusement just like equipment of amusement center.

And then, we supply not only the production of plastics molding but also the assy the products which was included in wrapping paint processing of exterior products, design, and the logographic mark and brand name printing processing.

In the case of the precision metal molds product by manufacturing plastics molding, we produce the epoch-making metal molds design and product that we call “Mold Station System (MSS)” that can solve the initial cost-cut and safekeeping problem.

As a new business, we manufacture the products of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) which combine LSR and not only plastics molding but also got metal cutting processing.

We keep offering the products which can be applied in various fields like "Medical equipment parts", "Medical miscellaneous goods", "Waterproof functional parts", and "some kinds of container like food storage container" "Baby supplies" with not only manufacturing goods of only LSR but also adhesion or composite processing that is between LSR and plastics molding or metal processing parts.

Precision molded related
parts of Sensors


Precision molded related parts
of amusement


Exterior parts, machined
parts Print

Mold Station System   Mold Station System  

Precision mold

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