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Idea system of Kyowa group
Quality First
The most important key as a production enterprise of our Kyowa is "Quality".
More than anything else, the first considering of manufacture production is as same as the life of our enterprise.
The quality is the life, and the basis of all our activities.
This is our policy since our foundation and everlasting highly idea.
Quest Technology
We never neglect the researching about the technology by deeply probing into technology.
Product technology, management technology and proper technology,
Reclamation of quest technology with all of them makes our future day by day.
We always aim the top of the processing precision. And planning improvement of the technology as Q (Quality), C (Cost), D (Delivery date), is our permanently target.
Keeping our present technology, we are researching new technology. It is our quest technology as a production enterprise.
Quark Creation

We all engage to business with creation.
Above this, we Kyowa staff's general rule of action.
Our consciousness as a professional is touching how to get customers satisfaction.
And, we exactly put it into practice.
Kyowa group is the group of elite. Because of that, the creation on each directly connects to the enterprise power.
The individually power might be tiny though, gathering all of powers make the big power, we Kyowa group would like to be like that.

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