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Raise "JUST FIT" and "YOUR SIZE"

Now, which direction should our manufacturing industries will be advance?
What technologies, services, or product should we provide to customers?
Of times are thought, low it probably is pursuit of cost?
We had been thinking of this question.
One of the answer is, the customer who has us chosen, and we are that it is rejoices from both end users.
So, what does the end user will be rejoice?

In our opinions, he/she can get the merchandises those what are higher qualities and premiums.
We will do our best to show the power by having the good technologies and experiences so far.
We will add the present technology to the new technology which was developed in order to make premium possible.
Under the spirits of “JUST FIT YOUR SIZE” and the value of “MADE IN JAPAN”, we show you our technologies greatly.
Let’s challenge to be able to do that.

Kyowakasei Co,. Ltd.
Executive President:
Morio Yamaguchi
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